A few months ago, I didn’t feel right. I was running my business and doing my thing and it didn’t feel like my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I was insanely grateful that I’d been able to build a successful, profitable business in a year but, deep down, where I…

What Dolly Parton, a poet and a former Finance Director taught me about storytelling.

Credit: Janelle Hiroshige — found via Unsplash

I’ve been helping brands articulate their stories for years and in the back of my head, I’ve sat with the question: why do stories work? I finally think I’ve figured it out, with a little help from Dolly Parton, poet Gregory Orr and Finance Director-turned-coach Mark Seabright.

Stories contain the chaos of our emotions

I had a…

Every great story takes a village. Joining ours for Purpose is John Lim, co-founder of District 34.

John is on a mission to help more people own their own home. He won’t accept ‘Generation Rent’ and the government’s indifference. Instead, he’s built a platform that matches first-time buyers with land and then works with development partners to get homes built at fairer prices.

Put simply, John is…

A practical brand-building guide for implementing your Purpose Story.

Purpose. As founders and marketers, we all know we need it. But actually implementing it and talking about it? That’s where things get a little trickier…

As a storytelling partner for businesses, “how do you balance purpose with profit?” is one of the top questions we get asked. …

Every great story takes a village. Joining ours for Empathy is Jane Evans, founder of Uninvisibility.

Jane is THE embodiment of radical empathy. She created the first ad ever to show a divorced couple. And the first ad to show men doing housework effectively. She also created Australia’s first craft beer. We could go on (and on, and on… she’s that good).

These days, she’s the…

A practical brand-building guide for implementing your Empathy Story.

You want to build a brand that people will care about. Like, really care about.

You don’t just want to sell to your audience, you want them to buy into you. You want to connect.

We get it. As brand storytellers, we’ve become experts at harnessing empathy to form real…

A short story about a conversation with a friend that invited me to reflect back on my career and why I felt like a failure.

I was speaking to a good friend a little while back, reflecting on the past year in lockdown. …

Credit: Darius Bashar — found via Unsplash

What’s in a good content idea?

Often, it’s the alchemy of context, timing and care.

Let’s face it: our social feeds are flooded with noise. Our brains are tired. Are you tired? I’m tired. So much noise, so little time.

As marketers and brand builders, it’s our job to come…

It’s time to rethink how your brand communicates – the 5 Stories can help.

Credit: Unsplash

I’ve always been fascinated with building brands. When I started my first business, a clothes swapping app, I loved making it real. Creating an identity for it, a look, a feeling, a language, a personality, a heartbeat

One thing I really struggled with, though, was the story and messaging around…

Credit: Toa Heftiba — found via Unsplash

I know. Another 2021 trends blog post. Eyeroll.

Except this one is worth your time. Promise. Because this time, I’ve distilled it down to the essentials. The things you can’t afford not to know.

I’ve spent the past 11 years building brands and honestly? I’m excited about 2021. …

Amanda Baker

Founder and creator of 5 Stories, a methodology I use to help companies tell better brand stories. I write about storytelling, branding and entrepreneurship 🙃

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