This photo was taken at the Dough Stories London dinner I co-facilitated with Soldo.

Defining What It Means to ‘Hustle’ in 2020

Because it’s time we rewrote the equation to success, one conscious hustler at a time.

What does ‘hustling’ mean to you?

Because when you’ve got goals to achieve and bills to pay, what does post-burnout hustle look like in reality? And how can we, as founders, keep up momentum without losing ourselves in the process?

Woah. Big questions.

  • We hustle when we’re not seen and heard
  • We hustle when we don’t know what we stand for
  • We hustle when we don’t feel like we belong

In other words, we hustle when our egos take over. Brené Brown said it best: ‘the ego is the hustler’. I mean, AMEN. Co-signed. Interestingly, if our egos are the ones hustling, then isn’t it time we started hustling from a more conscious place?

Drumroll, please…

Burn-out hustle vs. conscious hustle

Burn-out hustle says ‘I had to’. Conscious hustle says ‘I want to’.

What I know for sure is this: The more you take time to know yourself and become aware, the more focus, clarity and joy you will have in your business. What’s the point in running a business if you feel shit and moan about it day in, day out? That’s no fun. That’s a waste of life. That’s not why you started.

I’ve always said to myself and my team: the moment you wake up and feel low/grumpy/de-energised about going to work, somethings not right. It shouldn’t feel like ‘work’ it should feel interesting, exciting, challenging and fun. That’s the goal. That’s living.

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