This photo was taken at the Dough Stories London dinner I co-facilitated with Soldo.

Defining What It Means to ‘Hustle’ in 2020

Because it’s time we rewrote the equation to success, one conscious hustler at a time.

Because when you’ve got goals to achieve and bills to pay, what does post-burnout hustle look like in reality? And how can we, as founders, keep up momentum without losing ourselves in the process?

In other words, we hustle when our egos take over. Brené Brown said it best: ‘the ego is the hustler’. I mean, AMEN. Co-signed. Interestingly, if our egos are the ones hustling, then isn’t it time we started hustling from a more conscious place?

Burn-out hustle vs. conscious hustle

What I know for sure is this: The more you take time to know yourself and become aware, the more focus, clarity and joy you will have in your business. What’s the point in running a business if you feel shit and moan about it day in, day out? That’s no fun. That’s a waste of life. That’s not why you started.

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