Forget Mission Statements, Here’s Why You Need The 5 Stories

It’s time to rethink how your brand communicates – the 5 Stories can help.

Credit: Unsplash

Consider it your alternative to unrelatable ‘purpose’ ‘mission and ‘vision’ statements.

Building a brand isn’t a priority at the beginning, but it should be

34% of startups fail due to lack of product-market fit. Fortunately, this is where the 5 Stories helps.

The point of building a brand is to be something people want in their lives

Over the years, I’ve realised that our stories, values and beliefs act as the operating system for a brand’s existence.

To build a fully successful brand, you need to tell your full story

Building a brand never EVER stops — it’s a practice

Co-Founder @ 🥁 I build brands for startups and scaleups with 5 Stories.

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