Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle Smart

Have you ever experienced that feeling after you bust your ass for something and end up facing a brick wall asking, “What the fuck have I even achieved?”. I have, many times. It’s not a nice place to be. It feels lonely. But can it be avoided?

I find that one of the best ways to avoid these terminal dead ends is to not get too caught up in the day-to-day hustle and instead keep one eye on the bigger picture and what really matters.

As much as I’m all for the fail fast methodology, sometimes you have to go slow, to go fast — you need to hustle smart.

Hustling smart’s all about making sure that you’re pushing for what truly matters to your audience. Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and ask yourself:

Why am I doing this?

Who am I doing this for?

Why am I helping them?

What difference am I trying to make to them?

Is this going to make me famous?

When I was running Fashionably Skint, I’d constantly get caught up in all these petty product features thinking and believing that our customers will love us a little bit more because we’ve added a new button, changed a colour, or moved something around. Madness!

It’s incredibly easy to lose sight of the customers we set up to serve. We lose perspective when we’re so close to a product and service that we end up building something that we think our customers want vs. what they really want.

At its best, this can lead to products being developed and tailored for a small, niche audience, pushing true fame and success further away. At its worst, it leads to dead ends, wasted time and money that you simply can’t afford.

Whether you have two customers, ten or one hundred, it’s important to stay in touch with not only todays customers, but tomorrows. Keeping your eyes on the bigger prize — true fame rather than niche appeal.

To help you hustle smarter I have some simple and practical research solutions that can help you stay focused on what’s REALLY important.

Market Gap Analysis

This will help you stay focused on the benefits that matter most to your customers right now.

  • Do you truly understand the range of needs in the marketplace?
  • What features, products or services are important to your customers and which aren’t?
  • What needs are fulfilled within the category today and where are the gaps that you can fill?

Influencer Research

Influencers are more important to businesses today than ever before. Start looking for the people that can accelerate your growth to fame.

  • Who are the real influencers in your category?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can you engage them differently?

Persona Development

Fleshed out and real personas can help you gain a deeper understanding of the feelings, attitudes and core needs of your audience so you can communicate, resonate and build relationships that last.

  • Look beyond simple demographics and try to understand the beliefs and attitudes of your audience.
  • It’s not just about ‘who’, it’s about ‘when’ too. Capture a sense of the place or situation they’re in when making a decision to buy.
  • Get out there and meet people! Don’t base your personas on today’s stereotypes — get out there and talk to your customers.

Ready to hustle smart?

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