This was taken at a fabulous event I spoke in July 2019 called the Plant Based Business Bootcamp — by Vevolution. I ❤ this photo because I’m having so much fun. I was dancing around the room with strangers and busting some moves that felt embarrassing and liberating. This was when I started to feel like myself again.

Why I’m Retiring From Relentless Hustling — And You Should Too

Hustling as we know it isn’t working. It’s time we, as founders, started talking about it more.

  • I started recording my energy and mental awareness throughout the day (pro tip: using Evernote to record your feelings works wonders)
  • I made early bedtimes a priority and did yoga after work, even when I didn’t feel like it (especially when I didn’t feel like it)
  • I got comfortable with being vulnerable. This meant telling people, including my co-founder, that I wasn’t feeling myself. That I wasn’t ok. That I was confused about who I am and what I wanted
  • My mentor told me to give people around me jobs to do, like checking in and supporting me in different ways, and it actually worked

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